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Receive regular updates about your site’s compliance actions; one simple page and the comfort you’re not missing anything!


A low cost pricing strategy is an alternative marketing approach that a business can use as an alternative to differentiation and focus .


Expert training gives our technicians the tools and know-how to diagnose errors and get you up and running as fast as possible.

We provide compliance services to facilities with above & under ground storage tanks (AST & UST)

EPIC has the training, technology, tools, and team (plus all necessary certification and licenses) to handle all projects involving underground storage tanks (UST) and/or above ground storage tanks (AST). EPIC provides upgrades, repairs, testing, removal, abandonment and installation of storage containers and piping networks used in the storage and supply of liquid products. This would also include the inspection and repairs to meet local, state and federal codes. We offer complete tank management services including

 Underground Storage Tank (UST)

Leaking Underground Tank (LUT)



Many compliance service providers are proficient in one jurisdiction, but not necessarily all of California. Some have several techs, not necessarily all experienced. Then there's the overhead they charge for having too many idle technicians. Here are some questions you can ask your service provider to see if they have what it takes

  • What certifications do they have?

  • How do they problem solve?

  • How fast can they address repairs on your site?



Armed with top 10 Business school acumen, the perspectives of fuel facility owners as well as employees averaging 15+ years of industry experience, we banded to squash the phrase "They're all the same", all too often heard by fuel tank operators referencing the unsatisfying balance of work quality, cost and responsiveness offered by compliance service providers.


 Efficient repair and replacement of parts to get you back in business

EPIC provides inspection, testing and equipment installation services, as well as any required documentation, permits and compliance paperwork that your fuel dispensing facility may need. You can rest assured we have it all covered so you have fewer headaches rather than dealing with multiple parties EPIC  is a one stop that can handle most things all at once for you.



Typically, our test technicians have 20+ certifications from equipment manufacturers as well as state and regional jurisdictions. Since test regulations vary by regional and local municipalities, whether you own one site or many across a wide geographic area, this experience will provide two main benefits when a site problem arises:

  • Minimize diagnosis and downtime 
  • Manage actions with inspectors to reduce impact on your business